Hearts for Hollywood partners with the following entertainment organizations. We also pray for our featured actor Holly Curran.

Hollywood Prayer Network

Praying for the entertainment industry and building community in Hollywood.


Looking forward to praying for the talented folks that create TV Shows, Movies, Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Key Grips, Camera Men.Maybe you have a favorite (s) YOU’D like to pray for. Group prayer (wherever you are) 12noon, Saturday! Won’t you join in? Pray for those who entertain you. They need Jesus too * please ‘share’ this on your facebook page…
Make a Difference!

As a production company owner and director, one day I found myself burning out. That was until I heard the Lord say “your burn out is because you are treating the business like it’s yours and it’s not, it’s mine.” Mic drop. He doesn’t often talk to me so articulately with words, I am more of a vision and inner-knowing kind of communicator but these words were as clear as day. Read more...