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Are YOU using your God Given Talent?!

When discerning how we might best serve the Lord, it’s wise to consider our talents and characteristics and to sometimes say, “It’s not me.” God may call us out of our comfort zone, but He does so to develop our unique gifts and personalities to serve His good purposes. We honor His creative nature when we permit Him to use us as we are.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for the great individuality You have built into us. Thank You for my personality and for my abilities. Guide me in using them for You.
(from Our Daily Bread)

Hollywood Prayer Network Meeting ~ Salem Oregon


No Better Time Than Now!
Hollywood Prayer Time, Saturday,  December 9,  2017  12pst.!

Have you thought about praying for your favorite Entertainer?  How about the Producers, Directors,  Actors, Writers, even Cameramen and Key Grips!  and let’s not forget the Casting Directors!  Lot’s of finger pointing is going on right now, and what is happening now has been going on for a long time!  Changes need to be made… NOW IS THE TIME!

Group prayer (wherever you are) 12noon, Saturday! Won’t you join in? Pray for those who entertain you. They need Jesus too

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Mastermedia Prayer for Hollywood Actors & Media Leaders

Hollywood Prayer Time!
Looking forward to praying for the talented folks that create TV Shows, Movies, Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Key Grips, Camera Men. Maybe you have a favorite (s) YOU’D like to pray for. Group prayer (wherever you are) 12noon, Saturday! Won’t you join in? Pray for those who entertain you. They need Jesus too
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Mastermedia Prayer List for March 12, 2017

Media Leaders – Mark Cuban – Owns AS TV Magnolia Pictures & Landmark Theaters
Cultural Influencers – Dancing with the Stars

A Word from the Hollywood Prayer Network Team

We want to dedicate this month to listing why we are thankful for each of you!
1.  You have a vision for inviting God into the entertainment industry.
2.  You have a passion for prayer and believe in its power to transform lives.
3.  You understand that entertainment professionals need prayer – not judgement, boycotting, or anger.
4.  You understand that the media is the world’s most influential mission field.
5.  You are helping to spread the word to pray for creative professionals all over the world.
6.  You’re helping to build our network of prayer.
7.  You’re serving God and making an eternal difference with everything you do for HPN.
8.  You’re encouraging artists whom you don’t even know, through your support, your prayers and your networking.
9.  You are a role model for how to pray for creative professionals for other Christians who never thought about it or knew how.

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Prayers for Valerie Harper

Please add Valerie Harper to your prayers.  Valerie says…

‘Words simply can not express how the overwhelming out pouring of love and good wishes has touched my heart. To every single one of you who reached out to me expressing your concern through twitter, facebook, my website, via phone, text, email, cards, letters … I want to thank YOU for your beautiful support! DESPITE this devastating diagnosis, I’m feeling well, living normally and am forging a positive path forward!’


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