Eddie Haskell. The Bad Kid Who Never Went Away

The amazing phenomenon of Ken Osmond’s character is still going strong, over half a century after ‘Leave It To Beaver’s’ cancellation. Even today, the name Eddie Haskell remains firmly entrenched in the American lexicon. Political foes from both sides of the ideological spectrum love to accuse their opponents of, ‘acting like Eddie Haskell,’ and when Kobi Bryant argues a referee’s call, tweets go out labeling him as an ‘Eddie Haskell.’ Psychology Today Magazine has published articles about recognizing and treating ‘Eddie Haskell Syndrome’ and Matt Groening created Bart Simpson as his own version of ‘the son of Eddie Haskell.’
(excerpt from ‘Eddie’ The life and times of America’s preeminent bad boy. Autobiography of Ken Osmond.)

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