LEAVE IT TO BEAVER… TV series Facts & Trivia

* On October  4, 1957, ‘Leave it to Beaver’ premiered.  The first episode was delayed by network censors because it showed a toilet bowl.  The network finally agreed to air it!
* Originally entitled ‘Wally and Beaver’, it was the first sitcom to center around the children rather than the parents.
* June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley) wore a pearl necklace in every episode because her neck was extremely thin.
* Jerry Mathers (the Beaver) was cast as the Beaver when he was eight.  (He was a pin-up boy by the time he was two, appearing in a department store calendar.  And by the time he was four he appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.
* Tony Dow (Wally) was cast in his role accidentally.  He accompanied a friend to the audition, but the producers preferred Tony.
* Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskel) was Wally’s friend.  He later joined the LAPD, and in 1970 was decorated for his valor.
* Famous lines from the show:
‘Gee, Wally’, ‘Boy Beave, are you gonna get it’, and ‘Ward, I’m very worried about the Beaver.’

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