I LOVE LUCY… TV series Facts & Trivia

* The only reason Lucy created the show was so that she & Desi could mend their faltering marriage.
* The only reason that Lucy became pregnant on the show was because she was pregnant in real life.  The network insisted the word ‘expecting’ be used instead of ‘pregnant’, on air.
* The network initially rejected  Lucille Ball’s request for her real husband to play Ricky.  Who would believe it? She threatened to move to another network, so they agreed, finally.
* ‘I Love Lucy’ was the first TV series ever filmed  and subsequently aired at a later date.
* During the life of the show, the only show that ever had higher ratings was ‘The 64,000 Question”.
* Desi Arnaz was the son of a Cuban senator and a beautiful model.  He was born to great wealth, but forced to leave his homeland at the age of 16 during the Batista revolution.
* Lucille Ball dropped out of high school when she was fifteen to pursue acting.
* William Frawley (Fred Mertz) had to sign a contract saying that he would never show up to the set drunk, as he had a reputation for heavy drinking.
* Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz) hated that her character was married to a much older man.

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