‘You Can Say THAT Again!’ Notable Re-Takes

The Shining (1979)
Stanley Kubrick shot one scene with Shelly Duvall 127 times.

The Blue Angle (1930)
Josef von Sternburg shot Marlene Dietrich singing, ‘Falling in Love Again’ 236 times because she couldn’t pronounce the word ‘moths’ to his satisfaction. (The way she said it, it sounded like ‘moss’).

The Scarlet Letter (1995)
Demi Moore ordered a scene to be reshot at a cost of $100,000 because she didn’t like the way her hair looked in it.

Dr. Strangelove (1964)
Sterling Hayden fluffed a take for one scene forty-seven times.

City Lights (1931)
Charlie Chaplin ordered a record 342 retakes of the scene where a blind girl sells him a flower, imagining that he is a rich tycoon.

Desire Me (1947)
Robert Mitchum said after making this, ‘I stopped believing in movies after it took Greer Garson 125 takes to say ‘No.”

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