10 Stars’ Phobias

1)  Jackson ~ Claustrophobia
2)  Joan Collins ~ Afraid of the dark
3)  Madonna ~ Terrified of Thunder
4)  Howard Hughes ~ Had a pathological terror of any form of germs
5)  Marilyn Monroe ~ Suffered both from a fear of open spaces and also an apparently contradictory sensation that the world was closing in on her
6)  Natalie Wood ~ Had a lifelong fear of water, which was justified in the end; she drowned
7)  Whoppi Goldberg ~ Hates flying
8)  Marlene Dietrich ~ Like Howard Hughes, she suffered from bacilophobia, the fear of germs
9)  Katharine Hepburn ~ Had such a phobia about dirty hair that she used to go around movie sets sniffing people’s heads
10)  Joan Crawford ~ Was so obsessed with hygiene that she used to follow guests around her house wiping everything they touched~especially doorknobs

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