There IS help from ‘A Minor Consideration’

Among the Good that is happening in Hollywood, there is something terribly wrong with allowing certain entertainment (?) showcased for All (including Children) to see. Pray for strong moral values to be present in TV & Film. ‘A Minor Consideration’ was formed by the efforts of Paul Petersen (Jeff on the Donna Reed Show) in January, 1991, as a non-profit support and assistance foundation to aid former child stars. Pray for Paul and his efforts to assist these former child stars in helping them transition to adult actors, or transition into another field. They support an aggressive educational program, both public and private to share their personal knowledge of the way things really work in the world of juvenile Hollywood. (

Mastermedia Prayer Calendar for August 28, 2013 (this ** means top 50)

Media Leader:
Mace Neufeld; Producer, Hunt for Red October, Clear & Present Danger, Sahara, Invictus

Cultural Influencers:
Liam Neeson

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